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Residential & Commercial 

Residential concrete

We offer a wide range of concrete projects for residential, commercial and industrial clients. This includes high strength, industrial applications that will accommodate all types of equipment or traffic for fabrication facilities, shops, barns, warehouses, driveways, parking areas and sidewalks. Residential projects include indoor and outdoors surfaces, available in a variety of finishes and unique styles. Examples include sidewalks, driveways, parking pads, garage and basement floors, curbs, patios, fire pit pads, and steps. 

Decorative Concrete Solutions

decorative concrete

We enjoy bringing creative ideas to life, and offer many different options in colours, finishes, additives, and design. Choose from exposed aggregate, stamped, standard broom or polished finish. We can provide choices in coloured concrete, glow aggregates, and epoxy coatings. Your projects don’t have to have straight edges…we can do circular or curved design to add interest to your space!

Concrete Repair & Maintenance

Concrete repair

Once concrete is installed, it is recommended to do maintenance for long lasting results, we can offer cleaning and sealants to extend the life of your projects. We can also provide information on options to repair or replace existing concrete that is damaged or does not have proper drainage. 

About Us

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We are local to Stettler, family owned and operated with over 20 years experience in concrete. We take serious pride in the work that we do and never cut corners, we stand behind our products and choose the best materials and supplies to ensure great results. Call us today for a quote on your project. 

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