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Locally produced beef


We are building a herd of animals which we believe are suitable for our prairie climate and grass-fed/finished-only feeding: primarily Galloway and Galloway-Scottish Highland crosses.  We are breeding for short legs, warm coats, and good finishing on grass. 

Our beef is grass and forage fed & finished.  We slaughter in the fall when the cattle are coming off good forage and they are dry-aged for 21 days before cutting.  We anticipate having your meat ready for delivery in early November, although will confirm towards the end of summer as we know how the season has been.

We sell our beef in quarters, halves and whole at $6/pound, hanging-weight; includes processing (unless you want sausages or jerky, then you pay additional processing) and delivery to Stettler is free.  Due to the high demand for organ meats and bones, only whole beef orders will have the option of including these as part of their package.  If you are ordering a quarter or half and would like them included, please indicate what parts you are interested in and we will do our best to facilitate them with your order.  We do ask that you put down a $100 deposit to secure your order.  Details on the order form.


About Us

After being gone from Canada and the countryside for many years, Brenda and Vance Barrit returned home to rural Alberta in 2010 – Vance to his family farm and Brenda to nearby Stettler. Brenda and Vance met during their moves home and very quickly, a new partnership was formed and in October 2011 – they were married and moved onto the farm where Vance was raised.  

Vance and Brenda's actions are guided by what they have learned through Holistic Management and Permaculture and through the many mentors and friends they have found since making this big step in local farming.  They take pride in providing food that is tasty, healthy, and ethical to families in Alberta.

Rairdan Services, Inc

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