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"We love working with the team at RSI Media. Our ads look amazing and we are amazed at the level of service they provide. I especially appreciate the online client portal that makes my job so much easier!"

-Crystal Rairdan, Stettler Auction Mart



Digital Signage

Digital signage is an inexpensive and easy option for advertising.  With just a TV screen and a small box for software, it can be run remotely through wi-fi, offers numerous applications to support your community and/or business needs and is very affordable. Wether you are looking for advertising options on a screen or for your own internal advertising/communication solutions, we can help.  Digital Signs have high retention, encourages people to engage with your social media platforms, and increases your brand awareness.  Print advertising just doesn't produce the results it used to, try low-cost, highly effective advertising via digital signage. 

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Digital Sign Services

  • Use digital signage to explain, promote and sell in your own space. 

  • If you are a high traffic area, ask us about becoming an Ad House (we manage your screen with internal and  external advertisements.)

  • Kick up your event with digital signage. We provide digital signs for weddings, community events, fairs, farmers markets, business pop-ups, private parties and other special events. We'll use your screen (or bring ours) to your location and provide live social media engagement, event announcements, sponsorship promos, and more. Give us a call to talk to us about your event and we'll help you make it an event to remember for everyone. 


  • We have Graphic Artists on staff to develop professional static, video and animated advertisements for your business. 

  • We provide digital menu solutions

  • Please call us to discuss other digital signage solutions


Digital Signage Software Apps


We are a distributor for Open Hwy, a digital signage software company based in Red Deer Alberta. Our software has numerous apps to add interest and information to your digital displays including live social media feeds, weather updates, Trip Advisor reviews, up to the minute news, daily motivations, testimonial signs, stock ticker prices, yelp reviews and much more.  We can help you decide what works best in your location. Give us a call to discuss your digital sign needs. 

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RSI Media is a division of Rairdan Services, Inc an Alberta owned company.