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A&B Acres Tree Farm

A&B Acres Tree Farm is your local source for American Elm, Colorado Blue Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Dakota Hills White Spruce and ornamental trees available in varying sizes.  Our Spruce Trees are 3rd generation local seeds ensuring they are healthy and naturally hardy to this climate.

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Call or email to order your trees, by size, in the early spring and early fall. Our trees are not container grown so we dig them up after we receive payment and prepare them for pickup.  Ask us about payment upon delivery as an option too.  If you need help with planting your trees there are several local companies we can recommend that will plant them for you. 


Tree Care

Soil preparation  


Having soil prep done, so planting your trees can take place within 2 days is optimal and will ensure the success of tree transplant. The more dry the condition, the sooner they need to go in the ground. Spruce trees have a shallow root system, performing best in cultivated soil, with no competition from grass and weeds.

After planting your trees

Your trees will need to be planted as soon as possible so as not to stress them. A high phosphorous content fertilizer for root promotion. Keep ground moist but not wet.


Where & how to plant

Spruce trees like a sunny location in moist and fertile soil.  Prepare holes that are as deep as the root ball and 2-3 times as wide. The size of root ball is to ensure the tree has enough nutrients while it acclimatizes to its new home. Please consult with us for further information on how best to help your trees with the transplanting and what type of trees work best for your type of soil and location. 

About Us


We are a family run business in the county of Stettler, growing third generation Colorado Blue Spruce and other trees. Brian and Antoinette with children Owen, Tristan and Brendan have collected local seed from the bluest trees, planted, tended, and pruned them into the beautiful trees we have for sale.

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Spring and Fall Hours:

M-F 4-8 pm | Sat & Sun 10-1


e: a.bacres91@gmail.com

Mailing address: Box 667, Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Physical Address: 39461 HWY 56, County of Stettler

1 km South of HWY 601